Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The feature film 'The Batman' looking for female newcomer for supporting role

The upcoming Warner Bros. feature film production "The Batman" is looking for a female newcomer to play a supporting role opposite Robert Pattinson. Matt Reeves will direct "The Batman", with Dylan Clark and Michael E. Uslan producing. "The Batman" is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25, 2021.

Talent interested in being considered for the new supporting role in "The Batman" can submit a self made video audition. The sign-up fee to participate in the open auditions is a one time video auditions processing fee payment of $20. After your sign-up fee is received, you will then email in your photos (can be cell phone photos, only you in the photo, no hats or sunglasses) and general information (contact information, age, height, weight, any special skills or activities, any acting training or experience if available.) The casting office will then provide a script segment for you to create a self-made audition video. Talent will then email that video back to the casting office, and the process will continue with a live Skype audition. Talent from any location, and any level of experience are being accepted for "The Batman" open auditions.

To participate in "The Batman" open auditions, submit your video auditions processing fee payment of $20 through any of the following:

Cash App - (https://cash.app). The email address to send your sign-up fee through Cash App is alan.baltes@gmail.com and the Cash App username is $AlanBaltes. Please enter your email address in the "For" box when sending.

Google Pay (https://pay.google.com) - The email address to send your payment through Google Pay is alan.baltes@gmail.com. Please enter your email address in the "Memo" box when sending your sign-up fee.

Zelle (https://www.zellepay.com) - The email address to use when sending your sign-up fee through Zelle is alan.baltes@gmail.com.

You can also email alan.baltes@gmail.com if you would prefer to have a sign-up fee request sent to your cell phone or email address. Please state your location when emailing. From outside the United States there is a different sign up fee process.