Monday, October 14, 2019

I am now seeking one talented, ambitious, and serious actor who I will bring to the highest level of success

I am now seeking one talented, ambitious, and serious actor who I will bring to the highest level of success as a feature film and television series actor. This person will be promoted to top directors, producers, and casting offices worldwide, for an unlimited period of time. I will create unprecedented and amazing opportunities, and will be helping and mentoring in every aspect of my client's career. Sometimes it takes someone to be in your corner and create these opportunities on your behalf, and truly bring your dreams into reality.

I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over 32 years, and in that time I have developed countless personal and professional relationships with producers, directors, talent agents, casting directors and others. It is now time to utilize those connections to truly help someone achieve their dreams of becoming a successful professional film and television series actor. Once I create opportunities for you to perform in self-made video auditions and live Skype auditions using scenes provided by the casting directors of specific films or television series, the ball is in your court as far as performing at a high level. Therefore, I am seeking someone who is very confident as a person, and in their acting ability.

The personal and professional relationship will include promoting you directly to casting directors, producers, and talent agents (if you are not already signed), working with those casting directors directly to secure auditions for feature films and television series, advice, getting you the very best resources available, and every aspect of bringing your acting dreams to the highest level possible. I am working with casting directors for many major feature films and television series, to allow talented individuals from any area, including newcomers, to perform a self-made audition video using a cell phone. The first stage is the casting directors contacting you by both phone and email. They provide a brief 3-min script segment (called "sides") for you to create a video audition scene using you cell phone (or other camera). You then attach the video to an email and send it back. The next stage would be a live Skype reading with the casting directors and directors of these projects. I will be helping and mentoring in all areas of your acting career.

For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I am only requiring a one time sign-up fee of $199. This person will be my testimonial of what I can accomplish for an actor, and at that point I will charge a higher fee, or will charge commissions on acting roles obtained. For this person who signs on with me at this time, I will not be charging any commissions from acting roles obtained at any point, and there will be no additional fees whatsoever moving forward. There is no previous professional acting experience required.

If you feel that you are the right person to join me on this amazing journey, please email me at

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