Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Disney Studios/Lucasfilm feature film 'Star Wars: Episode IX' now casting several new roles

The Disney Studios/Lucasfilm feature film "Star Wars: Episode IX" has now written in several new supporting principal actor roles, and talent from any area can submit self-made video auditions for these new roles from a scene provided by the casting director. After your sign-up fee is received, you will then email me your photos (can be cell phone photos) and general information (contact information, age, height, weight, any special skills or activities, etc). You will then be submitted to the casting director for "Star Wars: Episode IX". Once the casting director contacts you, they will provide a script segment for you to create a self-made audition video. Talent will then email that video back to the casting director, and the process will continue with a live Skype audition. The fee for this talent search is a one-time payment of $99, and will also include submissions for additional upcoming Star Wars spin-off films among others. Both experienced actors and newcomers are welcome to participate in the auditions.

Talent can submit the $99 sign up fee through Cash App ( The email address to send your payment through Cash App is and the Cash App username is $AlanBaltes.

Contact if you have any questions, or if you would like a sign-up fee request sent to you, and please state your location.